Monday, 9 May 2011

Review: LUSH Oatifix Fresh Face Mask

'Use Oatifix to clean and soften dry and sensitive skin. You will be delighted to hear that Oatifix smells as tempting as a very posh breakfast. Oats are calming, ground almonds give you an exfoliating scrub, bananas are softning and illipe butter reduces redness. Get the Oatifix you need. Keep chilled. If you live outside of the UK, you might prefer to pop to your local Lush shop to pick up your fresh mask to make sure it lasts as long as possible.'

A few weeks ago, just before Easter, my Mum and I treated ourselves to some bits from LUSH. One of the things we decided to order was the Oatifix fresh face mask. I'd never tried any of the fresh face masks from LUSH before, but had heard a lot of positive things about them so was excited to try it! One of the negatives I'd heard was that, as they are fresh, they have a short shelf life. That's why my mum and I shared the mask, because you do get a lot (the 75g tub was full to the top!)

Firstly the smell, Oatifix has the most amazing smell ever! It's main ingredients are oatmeal and bananas, and that's exactly what it smells like. Literally good enough to eat! The mask also contains ground almonds which gently exfoliate your skin when you apply the mask. I applied a thick layer and left it on for 10 minutes.The oats and almonds make the mask very thick and it's quite sticky, so it can be a bit tricky applying it to your skin, as bits of it seem to fall everywhere and it doesn't spread too easily. Once I washed it off though, my skin felt so soft and smooth! It was really soothing and helped to moisturise my skin. My mum loved the mask too, and said her skin felt so much softer.
I'm really impressed with this face mask and it's definitley good value for money as you get loads in a tub! I'd recommend getting it to share with someone if you can though as you do have to use it in 3 weeks, which I think could be hard to do on your own. I really liked the face mask and I'd definitley buy it again!

Oatifix Fresh Face Mask - £5.25 from LUSH


  1. i love lush's fresh face masks.. I've tried Cosmetic Warrior and something Catestroph and both left my skin clean and glowy! Ima have to try this one next time I'm at lush ;)

  2. Looks lovely, think i might try this out. Its not too expensive either x

  3. Hey. I love your blog. I think im going to try that lush stuff it looks great. I followed you to.

  4. Hi dear!
    Thank u for the helpful post! Really good:D


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