Friday, 26 August 2011

Review: Dirty Works Pore-fect Face Scrub

'The big reveal! Gently foaming, exfoliating face scrub to help revitalise dull and tired skin. With a cooling effect for instant skin awakening'

My mum actually received this in a package of products when signing up to be on a beauty panel. She used it a few times to try it out but then she gave it to me.
The packaging is obviously a total rip-off of the Soap and Glory packaging, and the scrub could easily be mistaken for a S&G product. However, it's still pretty and girly and looks nice sitting in the bathroom.

The actual scrub is a lightweight cream with small, non-abrasive beads and has a gorgeous, fruity, slightly menthol scent. You don't need to use a lot of product because once applied to the skin, the cream really does lather up and foam - a little goes a long way. The beads are non-abrasive and gently exfoliate your skin. The menthol scent also becomes a lot more apparant and creates an intense cooling effect on the skin.
My skin always feels so clean and fresh when I've used this. The scrub is very gentle on the skin, but always leaves my skin feeling very soft and smooth.

I'm really impressed with this product. I don't think it's one that I would of gone out and purchased myself, so I'm pleased I got to try it out, because once it's finished I would buy it again. I would say this product is best for those with more oily skin types. I personally like the effect of the scrub and find it nice and refreshing, however, I don't think it would be suitable for anyone with sensitive skin, because the intense cooling effect could be a bit overpowering.

The Dirty Works Pore-fect Face Scrub - £4.99 - Sainsburys


  1. Nice wish they had that here.

  2. I have this too! Its quite nice I think but I hate hate hate the smell!

  3. By the look of it, I don't know if i would purchase it, but if it works, then maybe worth giving it a try. Did your mom give it to you because it didn't work for her?


  4. its cheap enough to warrant a try
    might pick it up. would never have picked it up.

    Breezeybee Blog

  5. Marietta: My mum's got so many skincare products already, and she tends to stick to certain brands so she just gave it to me after testing it :) xxx


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