Thursday, 8 September 2011

My Makeup Bag

Yesterday I went on a little shopping trip with my boyfriend to Lakeside. I also placed a MAC order earlier in the week so I will be doing a mini haul post soon, showing a few of my recent purchases, but today I wanted to show you just one of the items I got.

I carry around a huge makeup bag, but recently I've found it's been home to more and more makeup items, meaning when I'm out and want to get out my MAC Blot powder or a lipstick, it can take a good few minutes for me to rummage around in my makeup bag, trying to locate the item.

So here's my solution...

A clear makeup bag.

It doesn't look as pretty as one of the girly makeup bags I usually carry, but it's definitely a lot more practical for me at the moment and it means I can easily find whatever I'm looking for.

I bought it from Superdrug for around £3.


  1. Ah this is such a good idea! I'm always looking for stuff in bags too! x

  2. Great idea I do the same thing!

  3. really good idea, im always searching for ages because mine has a black lining which is so annoying! x

  4. beautiful blog =)
    sigueme =)

  5. Just this morning I was just having an issue with trying to find makeup in my makeup bag and was wondering about an easier way to find my makeup. Perfect!! Thanks for the great idea

    - Sydney xo


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