Thursday, 27 October 2011

Spending my Boots points

This morning I popped to Boots with my mum, just to stock up on some of the essentials. I've been saving my Boots points for a while now, and since I'm still on my spending ban and trying to save money for when I go away in two weeks, I thought I'd treat myself to a little something. I had about £11 worth of points and I was actually going to finally buy the 17 'Beehive' lipstick, but there weren't any left!

But I did buy the Rimmel Sun Shimmer bronzer in 'Medium Shimmer.' I used the Sun Shimmer bronzer all the way throughout secondary school, for years. It was one of those makeup products which everyone seemed to have! I used to love it, but haven't had it in my collection for a few years now, so I'm looking forward to seeing what I think of it now.

(Left to Right: Rimmel 'Medium Shimmer' Sun Shimmer bronzer, Bourjois '52' Delice de Poudre bronzer, Benefit 'Hoola' bronzer)

From initial swatching, the Rimmel bronzer seems to be more orange-toned than most of my bronzers and has a fair ammount of shimmer, although I'm not sure how much of the shimmer will translate onto the skin. I'm looking forward to trying it out, and if it's too shimmery to use all over my face, I think it will look pretty dusted on my cheeks.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

My Collection: Highlighters

Here's the second part of the 'My Collection' series. I don't use a highlighter every single day, but I've found myself reaching for them more and more recentley, as I love the pretty glow they give my skin. I always seem to get more compliments on my makeup too when I use a highlighter! My favourite and most-used ones are NARS 'Albatross' and MAC's 'Soft and Gentle' mineralize skinfinish. I've got Dior's 'Amber Diamond' on my Christmas list aswell though, because it looks so gorgeous!

Bare Minerals 'Pure Radiance', NARS 'Albatross', MAC 'Shell Pearl' (L/E), MAC 'Belightful' (L/E), MAC 'Soft and Gentle' msf, Pupa 'Golden Touch', Luna Twilight 'Mortal Glow', Benefit 'Moon Beam', Benefit 'High Beam'

Monday, 24 October 2011

The best kind of shopping

Shopping without spending!
At the weekend, my mum and I had a big sort out, clearing a lot of stuff from the spare room. As a lot of you know, this month I've been on a spending ban and, apart from a pair of Mango wedges, I've not bought any clothes or makeup yet. So I was really pleased to find a few bits I liked / had forgotten about, amongst the piles of stuff. It's like shopping, without spending any money - LOVE it!

1. Girls Aloud lashes - 'Nicola', 'Nadine' & 'Kimberley'

2. The Body Shop Ginger bath cream & L'Occitane exfoliating face mask

3. Quilted leather bag (this was my mum's)

4. Frankincense & myrrh glitter tealights


Sunday, 23 October 2011

Review: Dermalogica Multivitamin Thermafoliant

'A powerful thermal skin polisher that combines physical and chemical exfoliants to refine skin texture and enhance penetration of age-fighting actives into skin, while advanced technology ingredients condition and treat the skin. Contains no artificial fragrance or color.

When I received the Dermalogica Thermafoliant in the October Glossybox, earlier this week, I couldn't wait to try it! The exfoliator is from the 'AGE Smart' range which is tageted at mature skintypes, however, as mentioned in my previous post, after doing a quick internet search and seeing some reviews from younger girls who had used this and loved it, I was eager to give it a go.

The Thermafoliant contains very fine grains which exfoliate and polish your skin. The instructions say that this can be used on damp skin or on dry skin, for a more intense result, then you simply massage it on for 1-2 minutes, in circular motions. I apply it onto damp skin and I do find it feels quite intense, compared to other scrubs I've used. It's not abrasive or uncomfortable on my skin, but it is very gritty and I can definitely feel it scrubbing my skin. Personally, I definitely wouldn't use this on dry skin as I think it would feel too harsh. The scrub is supposed to give a thermal effect but I don't really find this and only experience a slight warm sensation, on initial application. It has a lovely, subtle herbal scent.

After washing the scrub off, my skin feels so soft, smooth and super clean! I was so impressed, I couldn't stop touching my skin! Exfoliating your skin helps to get rid of any build-ups of dead skin cells and helps your skin to absorb moisture and creams more too. I could really feel the effects after using this. I think I'd only use this once or twice a week though, as it is an intense scrub.

For me, the thermafoliant beats any other exfoliator I've used and when I run out of this, I'd definitely consider purchasing the full size. I'm so pleased this was included in this month's Glossybox, as otherwise I doubt I would of tried it!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

All about spray tans

This post is going to be all about spray tans! I've been using fake tan for years, had many spray tans before and I'm also qualified in spray tanning and regularly spray clients at work. This is going to be all the basic information about spray tans, a few tips and some of my personal opinions and preferences. Hopefully this will help anyone who is thinking about getting a spray tan for the first time and give you a bit more information.

Before your spray tan

Do any hair removal (waxing/shaving) 24 hours before.
Exfoliate before your spray tan - this will remove any dead skin cells and dry skin, helping your tan to last longer.
On the day do not apply any deodrants/creams/makeup. So many people come into the salon, thinking their deodrant would have worn off during the day, but any traces of product wil turn the spray solution green (usually when you wash the spray tan off the next day the green will disappear, but it may leave a hint of colour so it's best to not apply anything on the day, to be safe!)
Take loose, dark clothing and flip flops to your appointment with you to put on after your tan.

After your spray tan

Most spray tans need to be left on for about 8 hours to fully develop, but check with your therapist as this may differ.
Leave your bra off to avoid the straps rubbing on your shoulders.
Avoid water until you've washed off your spray tan as this will wash off the tan, leaving you with water marks.


Go with realistic expectations - even though your spray tan should give you a nice, even tan, it is esentially fake tan and it's not going to look the same as a natural tan.
Don't be embarassed! It can be daunting, removing your clothes, in front of a complete stranger, but remember - your therapist has seen it all before! They'll be concentrating on spraying you, not judging your body!
.If you have any dry skin, the tan will go darker on these areas. This is why cream is applied to feet, knees, elbows and hands - to stop the tan going too dark. If you have any other really dry patches of skin, it's worth telling your therapist about these before, so a bit of cream can be applied to stop these areas going too dark.

Even though it is best to have loose clothing and flip flops for after your tan, it's not the end of the world if you don't. I've put on leggings after being sprayed and had clients who've worn knee-high socks or boots. Just make sure you give yourself a few minutes to dry, before getting dressed.
Not all spray tan solutions apply perfectly onto the skin, when they're first sprayed on! In my experience, 'Sienna' never looks brilliant and I've had clients leave with dark patches and marks down their legs, where the solution has run. Don't panic! You need to remember that most of what you can see is the guide colour, which will wash off, leaving you with a nice, even tan.

To prolong your tan - take warm showers, instead of hot baths and pat yourself dry with your towel. Moisturise as much as you can and after a few days, use a gentle exfoliator, daily, to help your spray tan fade naturally.

Which spray tan?

There are so many spray tans to choose from! The best way is to try out a few, to see which works well for you. The most popular spray tans are 'St Tropez', 'Fake Bake' and 'Sienna.' I've tried all three of these spray tans and my personal favourite is 'Fake Bake.' It gives a nice, natural-looking tan, it looks good when it's first sprayed onto the skin, lasts well on me and wears off naturally.

Monday, 17 October 2011

October Glossybox

This morning I was super excited as the October Glossybox was delivered in the post! There's something so exciting about receiving the gorgeous, little pink box full of beauty products, and I couldn't wait to see what was inside!
This month's box was entitled 'Six Pack - The Glossybox to end any beauty drought!' This month, Glossybox included a sixth product and a small beauty-related gift to mark their 6 month milestone and to say a special thankyou to all their subscribers.

What was in the box:

Dermalogica Age Smart - MultiVitamin Thermafoliant
Dermalogica Age Smart MultiVitamin Power Recover Masque
Leighton Denny 'Sex Kitten' nail polish
Stila 'Moray' Smudge Stick Waterproof Liner
Robert Piguet 'Visa' perfume samples
Dermalogica Age Smart - Renewal Lip Complex
Dermalogica mini beauty bag

I was so pleased to see the Dermalogica products included! I've used Dermalogica in the past and have always been so impressed with their products. The three products included are all from the 'AGE Smart' range, which is obviously targeted for mature skintypes. This was a little disappointing, however after a quick internet search, I've actually seen quite a few reviews from younger girls, talking about how much they love the products and how amazing they are, especially the thermafoliant. I do suffer from dry skin in Winter, so I'm definitely going to give these products a go! My lips have been so flakey recentley so I can't wait to try out the 'Renewal Lip Complex.'

The Stila eye liner looks gorgeous! It's a golden/olive shade with lots of shimmer and very creamy in consistensy. It's a twist-up liner too, which I much prefer to the pencils which you have to sharpen. I'm not too sure about the Leighton Denny nail polish I received. Whilst I love the formula and the brushes of Leighton Denny, as I find the polishes just glide onto the nail and they're really easy to paint with, I'm not really a fan of the shade 'Sex Kitten' which is a metallic silvery/blue. I'll try the nail polish, but I don't think it's one I'll get much use out of, so I may end up giving it to a friend. I also received three Robert Piguet perfume samples - 'Visa', 'Fracas' and 'Calypso.' I'm not too keen on 'Fracas' or 'Calypso' but I absolutely love 'Visa' which contains white vineyard peach, violet leaves, bergamont, yellow mandarin, ylang, rose, patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver, moss and vanilla beans.

I'm so happy with the products I received in the October box and this is definitely my favourite box so far! It would of been nice to receive Dermalogica products more suited to my skin type, but after reading up on them, I'm really looking forward to trying these out! I also liked that Glossybox included the Dermalogica 'Renewal Lip Complex' and small beauty bag, as extras in this month's box. It's good to see they really value their customers and it's nice to receive a few extras in the box! I absolutely love the Sila eyeliner and the 'Visa' perfume (which is £65 for a 50ml bottle, so I'm going to try and make it last) and these are my favourites from the box, so far! I think the October box has a good mix of different beauty products and I can't wait to try them all out and do proper reviews on them!
To find out more about Glossybox, here's their website:

Sunday, 16 October 2011

A Naughty ASOS purchase

The shopping ban was going so well, until last week, when I received an email from ASOS about their mid-season sale. ASOS is one of my favourite places to shop, and they always have amazing sales, so I had a look and when I saw a gorgeous pair of wedges from Mango, I just couldn't resist ordering them.

In my defence, I do only own two pairs of wedges and I had been wanting a new pair in a nude colour for ages, and they were reduced from £84 to £25, and I LOVE them! They do look a lot nicer on, but I need to paint my toenails so I haven't put them on for photos! (Link here)

I'd really recommend looking at the ASOS sales because you can always find a great bargain, and if I wasn't on a shopping ban, I would of definitely ordered a few more items!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Review: Benefit That Gal

'Brightening complexion primer from benefit will turn dull to dazzle.... Can be used on its own or under make-up. Either way your complexion will have never looked as glowing.'

Benefit's 'That Gal' primer promises to 'take your complexion from dull to darling' and to 'brighten all skin tones.' It contains soothing raspberry, chamomile, sweet almond and algae extracts to help skin retain natural moisture, for a soft & silky finish and light-reflecting pigments to brighten the complexion. I received mine in a gift set, last Christmas, but have only started using it within the last few months.

As with all Benefit products, the packaging is pretty and eye-catching. 'That Gal' is packaged in a 11ml tube with a base which you twist to distrubute the product. It's fairly easy to control the ammount of product you want, but a downside is that you can't tell how much product is left in the tube so you don't know when you're running out.

The actual primer itself, is very light-weight and consistensy-wise, it's inbetween a liquid and a cream. It's very different to primers such as MAC's 'Matte' and Smashbox 'Photo-Finish', which both contain silicone, leaving your skin with a velvety feel so that foundation glides on top. 'That Gal', just feels the same as a light moisturiser might and leaves your skin feeling silky and soft, but not with any residue. It smells amazing - like strawberries and cream!

There are a few different ways I've used 'That Gal' - on it's own, as a primer and mixed with foundation. When applied on it's own, 'That Gal' gives the skin a luminous appearance and does make skin look healthier and brighter. I wouldn't really ever use it on it's own but this could be useful for someone who doesn't like to wear makeup or for 'no-makeup days'. I do, however, like to use 'That Gal' as a primer and mixed in with foundation. As I mentioned previously, 'That Gal' isn't like a typical, silicone primer and applies like a lotion onto the skin. It doesn't really seem like it would do anything, when used underneath foundation, but the other day I applied Benefit's 'That Gal' on one side of my face only and applied MAC's 'Studio Sculpt' foundation after. The side of my face which I applied Benefit's 'That Gal' to, had a gorgeous, luminous appearance, compared to the other side. I was actually really impressed with the dewy effect it gave my skin. It also helped my foundation last throughout the day, however not more or less so than other primers I've used. The other way I've used this is mixed in with my foundation, which I actually did in a few of my recent FOTDs. This also gives skin a lovely, dewy effect and again, makes skin appear brighter and more luminous.

'That Gal' definitely does what it says on the tube, and I've really enjoyed experimenting with it. My favourite way to use it is mixing it in with my foundation. For me it's not a 'must-have' product, it's more of a 'nice-to-have' and I wouldn't repurchase this for £21.50, as it is quite pricey and I do typically prefer a matte finish to my makeup, but it is a brilliant multi-use product and I've enjoyed using it.


Saturday, 8 October 2011

My Everyday Makeup Routine

Although I love using different products and experimenting with makeup, I don't always have time. This is my quick and easy, go-to makeup look for those mornings when I don't have much time (usually when I have college or work early) or just can't be bothered to faff around with a lot of makeup.

I apply MAC Studio Sculpt foundation using my Sigma F80 brush, Benefit Boi-ing concealer under my eyes and MAC Studio Fix powder all over my face, concentrating it on my T-Zone. I then use MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Deep as a bronzer. I do like to change up my blush (as you can see in my blush collection, I do like my blushes!) The ones I reach for the most on a day-to-day basis at the moment, are Benefit's Coralista and MAC's Instant Chic. I'm wearing Instant Chic in the photo below.

I use MAC's Espresso eyeshadow to fill in my eyebrows, MAC's Penultimate eyeliner in Rapid Black to line my upper lash line and a Laura Mercier caviar eye liner in Chestnut, smudged along my lower lashline. I curl my lashes with my Shu Uemura eyelash curler and apply 3 coats of Maybelline One-by-One mascara.

Then I use my lipstick of choice - which at the moment is MAC Myth.

And I'm ready to go!

Friday, 7 October 2011

YSL Rouge Volupte - Lingerie Pink

.In my recent post - My First YSL, I mentioned had a special offer on all their YSL products, with the Rouge Volupte lipsticks costing just £13.95, including postage. I just couldn't resist the offer myself, and so I purchased another Rouge Volupte.

I chose the shade 'Lingerie Pink.'
'Lingerie Pink' is a lovely, baby pink shade. It's very pigmented and I do find that when I'm tanned this can look a bit too bright, so I usually just dab this on my lips for daytime. It has the same creamy, moisturising formula as Nude Beige, which I love. The only negative with the Rouge Voluptes is the lasting power, as they don't stay put on the lips for very long. I still love the lipsticks though, and I'm very happy with the shades I chose.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

My Collection: Blushes

This is going to be the start of a 'My Collection' series, showing swatches of the products I own. I decided to start off with blushes, as this is my favourite makeup item and the one I have the most of. I love them! My favourite brands for blushes are MAC and Benefit, although I definitely think I need to try some more NARS ones soon! I've included my MAC msfs and Benefit Posietint too, as I use these in the same way as a blush.

MAC 'Margin', MAC 'Peachykeen', MAC 'Dollymix', MAC 'Instant Chic' (L/E), MAC 'Enough Said' (L/E), MAC 'Hipness' (L/E), MAC 'Pink Swoon'

MAC 'Prim & Proper' (L/E), MAC 'Her Blooming Cheek' (L/E), MAC 'Gentle' (mineralize blush), MAC 'Light Over Dark' (L/E mineralize blush), MAC 'Dainty' (mineralize blush), MAC 'Rhapsody in Two' (L/E mineralize blush), MAC 'Hang Loose' (L/E mineralize blush)

MAC 'So Sweet, So Easy' (cremeblend blush), MAC 'Tickle Me Pink' (L/E ccb), MAC 'Pearl' (L/E msf), MAC 'Crystal Pink' (L/E msf), MAC 'Rose Quartz' (L/E msf), MAC 'Petticoat' (L/E msf), MAC 'Stereo Rose' (L/E msf)

MAC Pink Power (L/E msf), Sue Moxley 'Bali baked bronzer, Dainty Doll '002', Benefit 'Posietint, Illamasqua 'Sob' cream blush, Bourjois 'Rose D'Or', Sleek 'Pan Tao'

Laura Geller 'Sunset' blush-n-brighten, Laura Geller 'Honey Dipped' blush-n-brighten, Smashbox Soft Lights 'Super/Model' blush duo, NARS 'Orgasm', Benefit 'Coralista', Benefit 'Bella Bamba', Benefit '10'

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

What was in my makeup bag: September


MAC mineralize skinfinish natural (medium deep), Benefit Boi-ing concealer (02), Bare Minerals 'Well Rested', Bare Minerals 'Tiramisu' eye colour, Benefit 'Coralista' blush, MAC 'Myth' lipstick, Clinique 'Air Kiss' lipgloss (Glamour freebie), Lancome 'Fraise' Juicy tube

Monday, 3 October 2011

Hair Products: Part 01


Batiste Dry Shampoo

I've always been a fan of dry shampoos for those 'inbetween days' when hair needs a bit of help. After massaging a few sprays of this dry shampoo into the roots of my hair, my hair's instantly revitalized, looking much fresher. I use the one for Medium Brunette tones from the 'A Hint of Colour' range, which is tinted so doesn't leave your roots with that dreaded white talc look.

Aveda Brilliant Spray-On Shine

This Aveda spray contains rice bran and Vitamin E, and is designed to eliminate any fly-aways and to tame frizz. I spray this onto my hair, once it's been styled and usually comb it through with my tangle teezer or run my fingers through my hair. It smooths my hair nicely and gives it a lovely shine, helping it to look healthy and glossy. The best thing about this spray is that it's so light-weight and doesn't leave your hair feeling sticky or too full of product, unlike some hair serums which I've used in the past. This is perfect for carrying around in your handbag to give your hair a quick spritz, during the day.

Vo5 Miracle Concentrate
After trying my mum's Moroccan Oil in the Summer, I'd been meaning to buy a bottle but had just never got round to it. So when I saw Vo5's 'Miracle Concentrate' in Superdrug for around the £5 mark (at less than half the price of a 25ml bottle of Moroccan Oil), I snapped it up straight away, eager to see how it would compare. I love this product and it's become a real staple in my routine. I straighten or curl my hair daily so I'm up for trying any product which claims to 'condition' and 'nourish' hair. I dispense around 6-8 drops of the elixir onto the palms of my hands and run it through my hair, concentrating it on the ends, before blow drying. I noticed a real difference in my hair, from the first time I used it, and it's helped to make my hair noticeably softer, silkier and shinier.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Review: The Sanctuary Kuan Jin Oyster & Pearl Scrub

'A creamy, shimmering scrub; sea salt and crushed oyster shell act as a refining polish, extracts of ginseng, orchid and peony moisturise to leave skin hydrated and silky smooth.'

I love The Sanctuary products! I've used The Sanctuary Hot Sugar Scrub before, which I loved, and I have to say the Kuan Jin Oyster & Pearl scrub hasn't disappointed!

The Kuan Jin scrub is packaged in a 200ml tube, as opposed to a tub where you scoop the product out. I actually prefer this, as I find it more hygenic and it makes it easier for travel too. The scrub does come out of the tube easily though so you need to make sure you don't squeeze the tube too hard!

The scrub itself is of quite a thick consistensey and pearl-coloured. As it's from the Kuan Jin line, it doesn't have the usual Sanctuary, woody scent, but smells more feminine and floral. A little goes a long way as the scrub really lathers up, once applied. I like the feeling of the scrub, as you can feel it working, scrubbing away the dead skin cells but it isn't abrasive on the skin.

It contains four main ingredients - pearls, sea salt, oyster shell and extracts from orchids, ginseng and peony. The flower extracts are contained to help moisturise and hydrate the skin. This is one of the only scrubs that has left my skin, not only feeing smooth, from the exfoliating but also soft and moisturised.
I love this body scrub and continue to be impressed with The Sanctuary products. I think the range is such good value for money and the products feel very luxurious, and seem more expensive than they are. This body scrub left my skin feeling so smooth and soft, and I would repurchase this in the future.

I got mine from Boots, but you can also get it from and it costs £6.38.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

October Shopping Ban


I've decided to challenge myself to a shopping ban for 31 whole days, throughout October. I'm going away in November for a few days and Christmas is only a few months away, so I desperately need to stop spending and start saving my money. This is going to be a real challenge for me, as I seem to go shopping with friends a lot and whenever I'm at a loose end, I always find myself looking on the ASOS website. The aim is not to buy any makeup, clothes or jewellery. The only thing I'm going to allow myself to buy is a pair of black shoe boots (if I find a pair I like) as I've been on the look out for a nice pair of these for ages! I'm not at all sure if I'll be able to see this through (it's going to be very, very hard!) but I'm going to give it my best.

Wish me luck!

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