Monday, 24 October 2011

The best kind of shopping

Shopping without spending!
At the weekend, my mum and I had a big sort out, clearing a lot of stuff from the spare room. As a lot of you know, this month I've been on a spending ban and, apart from a pair of Mango wedges, I've not bought any clothes or makeup yet. So I was really pleased to find a few bits I liked / had forgotten about, amongst the piles of stuff. It's like shopping, without spending any money - LOVE it!

1. Girls Aloud lashes - 'Nicola', 'Nadine' & 'Kimberley'

2. The Body Shop Ginger bath cream & L'Occitane exfoliating face mask

3. Quilted leather bag (this was my mum's)

4. Frankincense & myrrh glitter tealights



  1. I'd love having clear outs if I found things like this in my house, love it! Do you remember where the glitter tealights and candle holder are from? They're gorgeous xx

  2. The tealights are from Marks and Spencer, and the candle holder was a gift from my friend but there's probably similar ones online :) xxx

  3. you're so right! refinding items is the best :) how do you think that mask or have you not used it yet? definitely do a review if you can :)

  4. It's always nice to find things like this! I'm sure I have loads floating about! Also you have inspired me to do my own shopping ban, i'm terrible! Love the blog x

  5. wooooooooo glittery tealight xx

    my blog :


  6. I haven't tried the mask yet but I'll definitely do a review when I've used it :) xxx

  7. Ooooh what a brilliant idea, love the tealight :) xx

  8. The "Nicola" and "Kimberly" lashes are some of my favourites, so pretty! That tealight is so cute, I love anything glittery xx

  9. Oh wow I LOVE that candle, soo pretty and christmassy!!!! x x


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