Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Review: Benefit That Gal

'Brightening complexion primer from benefit will turn dull to dazzle.... Can be used on its own or under make-up. Either way your complexion will have never looked as glowing.'

Benefit's 'That Gal' primer promises to 'take your complexion from dull to darling' and to 'brighten all skin tones.' It contains soothing raspberry, chamomile, sweet almond and algae extracts to help skin retain natural moisture, for a soft & silky finish and light-reflecting pigments to brighten the complexion. I received mine in a gift set, last Christmas, but have only started using it within the last few months.

As with all Benefit products, the packaging is pretty and eye-catching. 'That Gal' is packaged in a 11ml tube with a base which you twist to distrubute the product. It's fairly easy to control the ammount of product you want, but a downside is that you can't tell how much product is left in the tube so you don't know when you're running out.

The actual primer itself, is very light-weight and consistensy-wise, it's inbetween a liquid and a cream. It's very different to primers such as MAC's 'Matte' and Smashbox 'Photo-Finish', which both contain silicone, leaving your skin with a velvety feel so that foundation glides on top. 'That Gal', just feels the same as a light moisturiser might and leaves your skin feeling silky and soft, but not with any residue. It smells amazing - like strawberries and cream!

There are a few different ways I've used 'That Gal' - on it's own, as a primer and mixed with foundation. When applied on it's own, 'That Gal' gives the skin a luminous appearance and does make skin look healthier and brighter. I wouldn't really ever use it on it's own but this could be useful for someone who doesn't like to wear makeup or for 'no-makeup days'. I do, however, like to use 'That Gal' as a primer and mixed in with foundation. As I mentioned previously, 'That Gal' isn't like a typical, silicone primer and applies like a lotion onto the skin. It doesn't really seem like it would do anything, when used underneath foundation, but the other day I applied Benefit's 'That Gal' on one side of my face only and applied MAC's 'Studio Sculpt' foundation after. The side of my face which I applied Benefit's 'That Gal' to, had a gorgeous, luminous appearance, compared to the other side. I was actually really impressed with the dewy effect it gave my skin. It also helped my foundation last throughout the day, however not more or less so than other primers I've used. The other way I've used this is mixed in with my foundation, which I actually did in a few of my recent FOTDs. This also gives skin a lovely, dewy effect and again, makes skin appear brighter and more luminous.

'That Gal' definitely does what it says on the tube, and I've really enjoyed experimenting with it. My favourite way to use it is mixing it in with my foundation. For me it's not a 'must-have' product, it's more of a 'nice-to-have' and I wouldn't repurchase this for £21.50, as it is quite pricey and I do typically prefer a matte finish to my makeup, but it is a brilliant multi-use product and I've enjoyed using it.



  1. I've wanted to try this for a while but was put off as I can never be bothered mixing my foundation with a highlighter. I know someone who has this and loves it though so I'm still undecided! x

  2. I wsnt a big fan of this at all, it's exactly what you say...'nice'. I liked it but didn't love it, it didn't really change my makeup routine so much or make a huge difference to my look...which for the price, doesn't feel worth it!

  3. I had this but sold it in my blog sale.. It wasn't bad but it wasn't anything especial.. I much prefer their Girl Meets Pearl.. Gives more of glow to the face

  4. thank you so much for this review! i've always looked at this product but it was kind of one i didn't NEED so i never purchased it. maybe one day though :)

  5. I had a sample of this but I'm not sure it really did something to my complexion z=

  6. that looks so amazing xx

    my blog :


  7. Thanks for the review!
    The packaging looks neat..

  8. good review, i was wondering about this!

  9. i looovee this product! i wear it almost everyday.

  10. i was contemplating on getting some of the products on your review, and it's nice to know what people think before i buy it myself! great blog, and def. will be back. following...


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