Tuesday, 15 November 2011

My Top 5: Lipglosses

L'Oreal 'Coral Strass' Glam Shine lipgloss - I've mentioned this before in my Top 5 Drugstore Favourites. This has been a favourite lipgloss of mine for years, I absolutely love it! It's a pale pinky-peach shade with lots of shimmer and it's not at all sticky.

Clinique 'Airkiss' lipgloss - This was one of the Clinique freebies that came with Glamour magazine, a while back. I tend to wear it over nude lipsticks like 'Myth' to give a bit of gloss and a hint of colour, but it also looks pretty on it's own and gives the lips a subtle, pink gloss.

Victoria Secret Beauty Rush lipgloss - My mum went to America for work, a few years ago, and she bought me a huge giftset with all the different 'Beauty Rush' lipglosses they had out at that time. I always have at least one in my bag with me for applying throughout the day. At the moment I'm using 'Bubble It Up' - a shimmery, light pink which smells like bubblegum.

MAC 'Underage' tinted lipglass - MAC's tinted lipglasses are very sticky which I don't like, but they do have good lasting power and stay on the lips for a long time. 'Underage' is a gorgeous, milky baby pink which looks pretty on it's own or over a lipstick.

Benefit California Kissin' lipgloss - This lipgloss is designed to 'instantly brighten every smile' with the idea that the blue sheen makes teeth appear whiter. I don't really wear it on it's own but I love wearing it over lipsticks. It has a nice, minty smell too.

 (Left to Right: L'Oreal 'Coral Strass', Clinique 'Air Kiss', Victoria Secret 'Bubble It Up', MAC 'Underage', Benefit 'California Kissin'')


  1. Agreed! Underage looks great


  2. I love love underage too! But coral strass looks super cute too!

  3. Great selection of lipglosses. I love the Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush ones too! 'Underage' looks really pretty, will have to check that one out next time im at my mac counter :) xx

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  5. Hey :-)
    I have chosen you to win the versatile blog award...


    Holli x

  6. I've been looking to get a Glam Shine for a while this one looks lovely!x

  7. I bought Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Peach Petal as a dupe for Underage and it's actually pretty great!

  8. i can spot a theme going on there xx lol xx

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