Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Christmas Shopping

Christmas is just around the corner, so of course I've been doing lots of Christmas shopping lately! I love seeing what others are buying their loved ones for Christmas, so I thought I'd share with you a few of the gifts I've bought. I'm probably going to do another post like this, showing some more of the gifts I've bought and some of the gifts I'm going to get but haven't bought yet too.

Bed Head TIGI Bed Head 'Blonde Bombshell' gift set & TIGI S Factor 'Smooth Radiance' gift set (both from Cheapsmells.com) - £17.95. The Blonde Bombshell set contains a shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner and the Smooth Radiance set contains a shampoo, conditioner and lusterizer. I think hair gift sets make a nice alternative to the usual body care giftsets, and these are great value too as all the products are either 200ml or 250ml!

Men are so hard to buy for! This Ted Baker set is for my boyfriend's dad. It contains a hair/body wash and a body spray. It's not the most exciting gift set but contains two essential products so at least they'll definitely get used! There's no point buying someone a gift just 'for show' if it's not actually going to be useful to them. It cost £8 from Boots.

Crystal Clear is a salon skincare brand. I bought my mum the 'Wipe Away the Years' cleanser for her birthday in September and she absolutely loved it, so I've bought her another bottle for Christmas, along with the 'Skin Repair Serum.' The products are quite expensive but they are brilliant and feel very luxurious! They also come packaged in a lovely gift bag.

These are men's luxury slipper boots from NEXT and cost £25. The lining is so soft and they feel so comfy! I bought these for my boyfriend to go with his main present. I think slippers are always a good gift. Marks and Spencer do really nice slippers for men too.

I've already mentioned the Hotel Chocolat selectors in a previous post. Above you can see I've bought quite a few different boxes, to go with other presents. I've also bought lots of fluffy socks from Primark to go with presents too - you can't go wrong with chocolate or fluffy socks! The glittery socks come in a pack of two and cost £2 and the black and white slipper socks cost £3 for one pair.


  1. Love this :) You have managed to get some great bargans! xx

  2. what a great haul hunni!!And those chocolates!!yummy!!


  3. Good job! I'm just about finished with my shopping, too :) I hope they won't read your blog and ruin the surprise?

  4. YOu can't go wrong w/ ANY of these gifts! Lovely items, thanks for sharing.


  5. Sarah: I told everyone not to look lol! xx


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