Friday, 10 February 2012

Review: Four Reasons Heat Styler

'A lightweight heat protector that when applied on dry hair protects the hair against the use of straighteners or tongs. A must have for anyone that applies extreme heat to their hair.'

Four Reasons is the fastest growing professional hair care range in Scandinavia, stocked by over 3000 salons, and the brand has recently launched in the UK. It was also awarded 'Best Hair Products 2011' by Cosmopolitan readers. I was kindly sent the Four Reasons Heat Styler to try out.

The Four Reasons products have fun and unique packaging. The containers are covered in quirky sayings and quotes to do with hair. The Heat Styler comes in a 250ml plastic bottle, with a spray top and plastic cap.

I use heat on my hair daily, so always try to use a heat protectant when I style my hair to avoid it becoming dry and damaged. I've been using the Heat Styler, before straightening my hair. I section my hair, use just a few sprays of the styler and proceed to use my straightening iron. I've found the Heat Styler not only protects my hair from the heat, but also leaves my hair looking a lot smoother and shinier, after straightening. It seems to help my hair straighten easily and gives a better end result. It also doesn't leave my hair feeling stiff or crisp, like a few others I've tried. It doesn't smell the nicest as it's quite a plain, alcohol-ish scent, but the scent doesn't bother me.

The Heat Styler isn't just a heat protectant, it's also a styling product. After use, my hair appears shinier and smoother, and I've also found it reduces the overall time it takes me to style my hair in the mornings. I do really like the product and it delivers good results, although I'm not sure I'd repurchase as it's typically more than I'd spend on a heat protectant.

The Four Reasons Heat Styler costs £11.95.


  1. Great review :) xx

  2. This is a lovely review, but I do think this products seems a little overpriced xxx

  3. My sister loves to style her hair. Despite her hectic job as an event organizer, she still manages to take care of her looks. She said that whenever she wants a new look, she changes her hairstyle or the color of her lipstick, and both work wonderfully for her. I love her big curls, and it's amazing that, despite the constant change in hairstyles, her hair is still as lovely up to the tips. She may also be using some of this!

    Rob Feckler


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