Friday, 17 February 2012

Review: LUSH Buffy Body Butter

'Ground rice, ground almonds and ground aduki beans make Buffy a triple threat to dead skin and lumpy bumpy bits. They are tough enough to polish away the dead, without being too harsh on your skin. Cocoa butter and shea butter make sure that the skin is left moisturised and dewy soft. Lavender oil is a great oil for soothing the skin and calming the mind.'

Formally known as 'Buffy the Backside Slayer', the formulation of this body butter was inspired by girls in Brazil, who would use the sand from the beach to exfoliate their bottoms and thighs. 'Buffy' can be bought as either a 90g or 200g bar. It has a herbal, earthy scent - not my favourite scent but I don't find it lingers on your skin, so I don't really mind.

LUSH body butters are designed to be used in the shower. I massage 'Buffy' onto my damp skin in circular motions, then rinse it off and pat my skin dry with a towel. It can be used on specific 'problem' areas, such as cellulite or as a general body exfoliator, all over. I tend to mainly use it on my bottom and thighs.

The ground rice, almonds and aduki beans exfoliate the skin well. You can definitely feel 'Buffy' working, which I personally like, however if you have sensitive skin this may feel a bit too harsh for you. I believe the 'Aqua Mirabilis' body butter is a good alternative to 'Buffy' if you want a slightly gentler exfoliator.

'Buffy' also contains shea butter and cocoa butter which moisturize your skin. When initially applied, I do find this leaves my skin feeling greasy, but once soaked in, my skin feels incredibly smooth. Once you've rinsed off the body butter and got out of the shower, make sure you pat yourself dry with the towel, instead of rubbing, as this will allow 'Buffy' to really soak in and hydrate your skin.

I can see why 'Buffy' is a cult product. It leaves your skin wonderfully smooth and soft and I imagine, with regular use, this would help to reduce the appearance of cellulite (although I have yet to test this so can't guarantee!) If you have sensitive skin or prefer gentle exfoliators, I would not recommend this. But if you like to feel your exfoliator working and your skin is in need of a bit of moisturizing, this could be the product for you. I keep mine in one of the LUSH storage tins, which I'd really recommend, as it stops shower heat from melting it and is perfect for travelling. Overall, I'm really impressed with 'Buffy' and can definitely see myself repurchasing.

Buffy costs £5.50 for a 90g bar or £9.95 for a 200g bar


  1. Since ive used up all my S&G exfoliators im in need of some new ones, I love the sound of this, deffo gna check it out. x x

  2. Great Post!! I love Lush. I've heard such amazing things about this product and I really want to try it!! xx

  3. I really adore Lush products and this looks fab, going to try this!

    Great post sweetie :)

    My Fashion/Beauty Blog.


  4. This sounds fab, I'm going to Lush tomorrow so will give this a sniff! I'll try anything to keep cellulite at bay, haha!
    :) xx

  5. I've heard Aqua Mirabilis smells good... which smells better?

    1. I'm not sure, I haven't tried Aqua Mirabilis - it's next on my list to try though! xxx

  6. I bought this a few weeks ago and so far I really love it! Great review:)

  7. I'm also a Buffy user and I love it :)

  8. Just discovered this product through your post and it sounds rather amazing ! Thank you for sharing ! xx

  9. I love this! I really want to try that my skin has been so dry


  10. Schöner Blog :) Lust auf gegenseitiges verfolgen? ♥

  11. never tried it, def would like to!

  12. I bought this yearsssss ago!! Never once used it! I might have to give it another whirl now after this great review :)
    Emma xx


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