Wednesday, 7 March 2012

My Favourites: Fake Tan

I started experimenting with fake tan when I was about 13 and after many orange palm and patchy tan disasters over the years, I've now found my favourite fake tanning products to give a natural, even tan. I have a little shelf in my bathroom cupboard, crammed full of different fake tans, but these two are my top favourite, most-reached-for and most-repurchased. I'd highly recommend both of them.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze Tan Lotion - £5.10
I've used a lot of gradual tans over the years and this is by far my favourite of them all. Packaged in a 250ml bottle with a pump, this lotion is really easy to apply. One coat gives a nice, natural glow but I like to apply two layers to intensify the tan. I apply one layer to my whole body, let it dry and then apply another layer on top. The tan builds up really well and gives such a lovely, natural-looking tan. It's the perfect 'tan' shade and has no orange or muddiness to it all. This lasts well on the skin and fades really evenly, not looking patchy or 'scaley.' It also has a nice, chocolatey scent. This is my most-used tan and I've been through about 4 bottles now! It's a total must-have product for me.

Xen Tan Dark Lotion - £17.99 (FeelUnique)

Xen Tan is a brand which has become increasingly popular within the last year or so, but I've actually been using the Dark lotion since I was about 15 years old, after a friend recommended it to me. The lotion is so smooth in consistency so glides easily onto the skin and it's tinted so you can clearly see where you've applied the tan, making it super easy to apply. I've actually found with this, that it's almost impossible to get a streaky or patchy result. I've been quite slap-dash with this before and gone to bed with it looking a bit of a mess, but showered it off in the morning and still been left with a nice, even tan. This is another tan which can be built up and layers really well for a deeper shade. It gives a very natural, olive-based tan. I find this lasts from 5-7 days on me, with regular moisturising and gentle exfoliating, and does fade quite evenly. It also has a lovely, almond scent. I've gone though countless bottles of this, over the years. I'll always have a bottle of this in my cupboard!


  1. I've always wanted to try the Xen-Tan, good review on it think I'll keep my eye out for this one!

  2. I had the medium Xen Tan and loved the smell of it. However, it wasn't dark enough for my liking so I haven't repurchased. I've been trying to find cheaper, darker alternatives. I'm quite happy with Laurens Way but thats not cheap either.

    Holli x

  3. Lovely post! I'd quite like to try the Cocoa Butter bronzer after seeing this! I've never seen it anywhere.

  4. i cant wait to try these out because i love using fake tan but can never find the right one xx


  5. I really want to try the Palmer's one ! xx

  6. Love Xen Tan it makes me so dark but the price is like WHOA! I got my bottle of Deluxe Tan in Ultra Dark for like 53 dollars! Wish it was cheaper so I could purchase it all the time!

  7. I am a st Tropez moose fan through and through. I've recently tried and liked famous Daves. Really like the look of the palmers coco coca butter at the price I may need to try that one!

    New follower!

  8. I have never tried Xentan but it's on my list to try. I have so many self tanners.

  9. Xen Tan is my favorite brand!! I use the dark lotion too and I completely agree with all the point that you made about it. Have you tried the face tanner luxe from them?! Holy grail!! xo

    1. I haven't tried it - definitely going to have a look at it though. I love Xen Tan! Thankyou for the recommendation :) xxx


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