Monday, 2 April 2012

Love, Peace and Juicy Couture

'A joyous and exhilarating wealth of freshly cut blossoms, natural accents and elegantly feminine wood harmonies.'

'Your heart will be enamored by natural accents and feminine wood harmonies, while your senses are energised by a cocktail of meyer lemon tree blossom, wild hyacinth, sweet apple accord, black currant bud absolute, sambac jasmine absolute, star magnolia, malibu poppy, honeysuckle, linden blossom, orris extract, sheer patchouli flower, and enveloping musks. It's simply juicy!'

Juicy Couture's 'Love, Peace and Juicy Couture' is my go-to perfume of the moment.

It's a very unusual scent which isn't one I'd usually go for. I usually favour sweet, floral perfumes such as Marc Jacob's 'Daisy' and Vera Wang's 'Princess' for the Spring and Summer months. 'Peace, Love and Juicy Couture' has more of a fresh, earthy scent. It's a very hard scent to describe but reminds me of freshly cut grass and has fruity and floral undertones. It's a light, subtle scent and not over-powering so perfect for Summer.

This definitely won't be to everyone's taste but I personally love the scent of this perfume. It's definitely worth having a sniff and making your mind up for yourself.


  1. I love Daisy & Princess also!

  2. OOh i would love to get my hand on this! still got a bottle of viva la juicy....lush xxx

  3. I love Juicy Couture! My absolute favorite scent is Viva La Juicy!! I wear it everyday, and can't get enough!!

  4. I love this. It's very fresh and wearable for summers. I did a lil review on it a while back. Here's a link if you're interested.

  5. The bottle is lovely!

    Sarah xx

  6. I love all perfume posts as I'm just perfume mad at the moment! I've smelt this one and it's just gorgeous! xx

  7. The bottle is gorgeous :) xx


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