Thursday, 31 May 2012

Review: Bobbi Brown 'Espresso Ink' Gel Liner

This award-winning liner gives you the look of liquid liner with the ease & feel of a gel formula. Long-wearing, water-resistant colour glides on and let's you get it just right before it dries - then stays without a smear or crease.

The Long Wear Gel Liners have won many awards including Best Liquid/Gel Eyeliner from InStyle Best Beauty Buys 2012 and they are one of Bobbi Brown's best-selling products. My mum has been using the gel liners for years now and after stealing borrowing hers now and again, I was so pleased when my boyfriend bought me my own little pot for Christmas.

The gel liners cost £16.50 each and come packaged in a 3g glass pot with a screw top lid. I have the shade 'Espresso Ink' which is a dark brown/black- perfect for everyday wear as it's less harsh than a black liner. I also have the Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush which I use for application. These usually cost £21 but my mum kindly gave me her spare one.

I'd never used a gel liner before this, but it's actually very easy to apply. You only need to use a small amount of product on the brush as the liner is very pigmented. It's so creamy in consistency and applies smoothly onto the eyelid. Once dry, the liner stays put for the day and doesn't budge, which is perfect as I usually find my eyeliner fades throughout the day.

The only negative with this product is that is does dry out. I've had mine for 5/6 months now and the liner has started to dry out around the edges, meaning it doesn't apply as smoothly anymore. It's definitely a product you need to use regularly, for it to be worth purchasing.

I love my Bobbi Brown Gel Liner and use it almost everyday to line my upper lashline. It applies smoothly and lasts throughout the day so you don't need to worry about touch-ups. There are a whole range of different shades available and I'd love to try some of the other shades but you do need to be wary about them drying out, so use them regularly to get your money's worth.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Happy Birthday Glossybox: May


Happy Birthday Glossybox!

This month's box is a special anniversary edition to celebrate the 1st birthday of Glossybox. 

What was in the Box
Noble Summer Rising Bath & Shower Gel - Packaged in a 75ml bottle, this shower gel is the perfect size for travelling and I really like the sultry, elderflower scent, but like others, I am a bit bored of receiving shower gels in nearly every box. I'll probably give this one to my boyfriend to put in his gym bag.
Lolita Lempicka L'Eau en Blanc & Si Lolita perfume samples - I don't mind receiving perfume samples, although I have a box full of them at the moment because I always forget to use them! I do really like the scent of Si Lolita though.
Weleda Face Cream/Body Milk -  I'm assuming this is a face cream? It doesn't actually say on the box so I haven't tried it out properly yet. If anyone knows then please let me know! The cream feels nice and light but I'm not at all keen on the strong, rose scent.
Uniqone All in One Hair Treatment - This leave-on hair mask is designed for dry and damaged hair and has a list of 10 benefits including 'shine and frizz control' and 'split ends prevention.' I'm really excited to try this out as my hair has felt really dry recently - I'm really hoping this will make a difference.
Let's Go Lashes - I do love false lashes for nights out and special events when you want to look a bit more glam. These lashes look perfect as they're fluttery and not too full.
Although not my favourite box, I am really pleased with the hair treatment spray and false lashes, my boyfriend will use the shower gel and hopefully once I find out exactly what the Weleda product is, I'll be able to use it! Glossybox also included a balloon and cute compact mirror, adorning the Glossybox logo, to mark their 1st birthday which I thought was a nice touch.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Clothing Haul: Primark, H&M & ZARA

These are my latest purchases from a recent shopping trip to Lakeside. I've been doing so much shopping recently so you can expect to see a few more more haul posts soon! I've also fell back in love with Primark. I havn't been to Primark in ages, as the last few visits had been quite disappointing and there wasn't anything I really liked, but at the moment they seem to have loads of nice bits in so I'm sure I'll be visiting again soon. I always seem to find more clothes I like in the Summer, for some reason!
Primark Black Top: £8
Primark Orange Top: £4
Primark Guns & Roses Top: £8
Primark Black & White Blouse: £10
H&M Grey Blazer: £19.99
ZARA T Shirt: £17.99
Primark Espadrilles: £3
Primark Bow Sandals: £6

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Review: Fake Bake 60 Minutes Fake Tan

'With time a luxury and beauty always essential, Fake Bake have devised a revolutionary rapid self-tan liquid which develops to a golden glow within 60 minutes. Fake Bake’s exclusive DHA and erythrulosecomplex (patent pending) creates an advanced tanning product, containing powerful antioxidants for skin health and boosting moisture in the skin barrier.

This complex offers 3 stages of tanning in a singular application. Stage one: 60 minutes tan is a beautiful golden tan, Stage two: after two hours creates a bronzed tan, Stage three: after three hours is the dark tan. The tanning processes can be stopped at any stage by quickly rinsing the skin with warm water. The water rinse triggers the proper stage of development. The simple process creates a unique and ultimate tan that has never been simpler. Fast drying, lightweight, non-sticky, rapid results, easy application, paraben free, colour guide, and streak free directions.'

The Fake Bake 60 Minutes tan is a new addition to the Fake Bake line. It contains the tanning agents – dihydroxyacetone and erythulose, which are activated upon contact with the skin and accelerators, which speed up the development time so that a golden glow can be achieved in just an hour.

60 Minutes is packaged in a 236ml bottle with a spray nozzle. It is a liquid tan, which can be messier to apply than a lotion. The spray nozzle works really well to distribute the product and makes application easy and mess-free. The tan also comes with a pair of gloves and a tanning mitt for application. I don't really like to use tanning mitts as I feel they always soak up too much tan, wasting product. To apply 60 Minutes, I wear gloves, spray the tan directly onto my skin and rub it in with my hands. 60 Minutes is really easy to apply - it's tinted so you can see where you've applied the tan, it rubs in well and dries after just a few minutes. It's very light-weight and doesn't feel sticky on the skin. I usually apply it to my whole body, wait a few minutes and then apply another layer to intensify the tan. The scent doesn't bother me - I actually think it smells quite nice for a fake tan.

60 Minutes contains tan accelerators and claims 'a golden glow can be achieved in just an hour.' If you want a darker tan, you can leave it on for up to 3 hours but Fake Bake don't recommend leaving it on for longer than this ammount of time. I've tried leaving the tan on for 1 hour, 3 hours and overnight.

1 hour - I'm left with a light, golden glow - too subtle for my liking as I prefer a darker tan but this could be perfect for those wanting to achieve a light, natural tan.

 3 hours - This gives a nice, natural-looking, golden tan. This is the perfect everyday tan - noticeable but not too dark.

Overnight - Fake Bake don't recommend this, but leaving it on overnight gives me a gorgeous, dark, golden tan, which rivals the result of a Fake Bake spray tan. I tend to leave it on overnight if I've got a special event or night out as it gives you a nice, deep tan in just one application. You can see the results from leaving the tan on overnight in the photos below and in my latest OOTN post HERE.

(Results after leaving 60 Minutes on overnight. 8-9 hours)

My thoughts

My favourite thing about 60 Minutes, is that you can choose the kind of tan you want and control the results - this means it would be suitable for practically everyone. If you usually find yourself having to reapply your usual fake tan to achieve a dark tan, this would be brilliant as you simply leave it on for longer - there's no need to reapply. It's also the perfect solution for anyone who doesn't like to sleep with fake tan on or if you're short on time and need a quick-fix, as it works in just a few hours. 60 Minutes is easy to apply and leaves you with a gorgeous, natural tan. It lasts well on me and I usually get 5-6 days out of it before I need to exfoliate and reapply. 

60 Minutes has rapidly become one of my favourite, most-used fake tans. It's definitely one that I'll repurchase and I'd highly recommend it!

Fake Bake 60 Minutes Tan is still a fairly new product but can be purchased from the Fake Bake website for £24.95 or Selfridges for £20 and is available in various other shops and salons.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

OOTN 02: Cocktail Party

Dress: ASOS (LINK)
Shoes: ASOS black heels (Not Pictured)
Earrings: Swarovski
Bracelet: EBAY
Nail Polish: Essie 'Over The Top'

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Review: StriVectin-SD Eye Concentrate

'New StriVectin-SD Eye is now formulated with our proprietary complex of 7.5% NIA-114 & Peptides Actives to improve the appearance of fine lines and crow's feet in just 2-8 weeks. And even better, results keep improving over time, if you keep using our products twice a day.'
I received a 7ml tube of the StriVectin-SD Eye Concentrate in the September Glossybox, last year. At first I wasn't sure if I'd even use it, as it is specifically designed for 'wrinkles' and is obviously targeted for mature skintypes, however my under-eye area can get quite dry and so this year, using an eye cream has become a staple step in my skincare routine.

The eye cream claims to fight 'eye wrinkles, lines, dark circles and puffiness.' My under-eye area can be dry and I occasionally suffer from dark circles, especially if I don't get enough sleep, but I don't have wrinkles so can't comment on how the eye cream effects them.

The eye cream is usually packaged in a 30ml tube - easy to use and more hygenic than a tub where you have to scoop the product out with your fingers. I apply a small ammount of the cream to my under-eye area using my ring finger, morning and night. When I apply it in the morning, I usually find it best to wait a few minutes for the cream to sink in, before applying my makeup.

I've been using the eye cream, twice a day, for the last 2-3 months and I have to say, I have noticed a huge difference. My under-eye area looks brighter, the skin is a lot smoother and more hydrated and my under-eye concealer doesn't cake or settle like it used too. Using an eye cream is important at any age, as the eye-area is one of the first places to show signs of ageing - prevention is better than cure.

I've actually almost finished mine now so was thinking about purchasing another tube, however at £49 for 30ml of product, I simply cannot justify purchasing it. Maybe in a few years time when I really need to start worrying about lines and wrinkles but for now I definitely need to find a cheaper alternative so I think I'll pop down to Boots instead - any recommendations would be appreciated!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

What's About Town Earrings: TOWIE Style

When watching The Only Way is Essex on Sunday, I fell in love with the earrings Lucy Mecklenbugh was wearing. I loved the style of them and how sparkly they were - they were just what I'd been wanting.

After a bit of searching online, I found the earrings on the website: (LINK)

The earrings cost £19.95.

I adore them! They look so lovely on and work really well to dress up a simple outfit. They're so sparkly too - they really are stunning!
I'd also like to mention that What's About Town have amazing customer service. Initially I was having a few issues with the site as the earrings wouldn't add into my basket, so I assumed they were out of stock. I sent a question to find out if they were in stock or not and received a quick reply from a lovely lady, the problem was quickly resolved and I was able to add the earrings into my basket and complete my order. I also received an email telling me that my order would be sent out the same day as I'd had trouble ordering the item. I think customer service is so important, especially when ordering online from lesser-known websites. I was really impressed with the service I received and can definitely recommend the website, based on my experience. 

What's About Town has some really lovely pieces on their site. I'm lusting over the crystal bangles and the crystal button earrings - I'll definitely be placing another order with them soon.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

April Glossybox

'With Spring in the air, we are proud to introduce our Natural Beauty box; five natural beauty products guaranteed to make you feel your best, look your best, look gorgeous while at the same time satisfying the green goddess within! After all, green is the new black didn't you know?'

What was in the Box

Caudalie Vinosource SOS Thirst-Quenching Serum - A newly-launched, ultra-concentrated serum, designed to be used under your normal moisturiser to 'ensure skin never lacks moisture.' My skin tends to be on the dry side so I like to use serums at night time to keep my skin hydrated.

Inika Cosmetics Certified Organic Eyeliner - I received the shade 'Black Caviar' which I was pleased about as I rarely use coloured liners. I have yet to try this properly but on first impressions it's very creamy, applies smoothly and is a true, dark black.

Monu Moisture Rich Collagen Cream -  This contains essential oils and promises to 'help prevent pre-mature ageing' and to relieve dryness. I'm really looking forward to trying this as I've actually just run out of my Decleor Hydra Floral moisturiser.

Figs & Rouge Lip Balm - This is a Cherry and Vanilla scented balm which can be used on the lips, face and body. It melts on application to the skin and leaves skin feeling moisturised and hydrated. I like to use it as a lip balm and on my cuticles.

Burt's Bees Naturally Nourishing Milk and Honey Body Lotion - I've never tried any Burt's Bees products before but it's always a brand I've been interested in trying. This Milk and Honey scented body lotion smells amazing and leaves skin silky smooth.

This month's Glossybox was inspired by Earth Month and is nicknamed 'The Natural Box.' The products have natural packaging and ingredients and the Glossybox itself is 100% biodegradable. I think this month had a good selection of products and I was pleased to receive some more skincare products as I seem to be running low at the moment. My favourite products so far are the Burt's Bees body lotion, because it smells so good and I'm excited to try out the Collagen Cream and Skin Serum!

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