Friday, 13 July 2012

Review: HD Brows Precision Tweezers (Glossybox)

'Refine your brows with these high precision tweezers. A specially designed slanted tip and fine point are perfect for gripping even the shortest of hairs. With its sleek, slim line black finish, HD Brows Precision Tweezers are a must for any brow perfectionist.'

I received the HD Brows Precision Tweezers in my latest Glossybox. The black, powder-coated, stainless steel tweezers sport the HD Brows logo and have a slanted tip and fine point which is designed to grip 'even the shortest of hairs.'
I've compared these to my usual Tweezerman tweezers, and the size of the tip is much finer. I have used the really pointed tweezers in the past and I can't stand them as I find them way too sharp and I always end up pinching my skin, which is incredibly painful! The Precision tweezers are a nice alternative as they have a slanted tip with a finer point than most standard tweezers. They are brilliant for precision and allow you to easily grip stray hairs, even the short, stubborn ones. The HD Brows tweezers also make it easy to single out hairs, thanks to the precise tip, which is something I struggle to do with my Tweezerman's.
I really love these tweezers! They are so easy to use and I love the size of the tip, which gives better precision for gripping stray hairs. At £19.95 they're not cheap, but I think they're still a little less than Tweezerman and so far, I think I actually prefer these!


  1. Wow, amazing to get a beauty tool like this in a beauty subscription box!

  2. Oooh, they seem great. I'm ashamed to say but I don't even own a pair of tweezers - I always steal them from my mom! Will really have to invest in a pair super soon. x

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