Saturday, 1 September 2012

DIOR Amber Diamond

(Left to Right: DIOR Amber Diamond, MAC Soft & Gentle msf, NARS Albatross)

I'd been coveting DIOR's Amber Diamond for the longest time and I was actually planning on saving up my Boots points to purchase it, until Yu informed me that it was rumoured Dior was discontinuing their shimmer powders. So I did what any makeup addict would do - went into panic mode - I searched online until I found it available on the Debenhams website and ordered it there and then. And I'm happy to report, Amber Diamond is just as beautiful in real life as I'd hoped. The powder consists of five stunning shades - ranging from a light champagne to a golden bronze. I like to sweep my brush through the powder, mixing all 5 shades, which creates a beautiful, soft, golden highlight. The powder is so finely milled, it applies like a dream, and it has just the right ammount of shimmer to highlight cheekbones without looking too glittery or frosty. At £32, Amber Diamond is pricey, but it's truly beautiful and even though it turns out it isn't going to be discontinued in the UK, (thank goodness!) I'm so pleased I finally decided to purchase it.


  1. I hope it isn't being disontinued in Australia because I've been going back and forth about purchasing it! Gorgeous xx

  2. I done the same thing I ran out straight away and brought it when I heard it had been discontinued! I have just written up a post on this and then saw yours! Its such a beautiful product! Xx

  3. I'm so glad you love it Rachel! :) And I'm also glad UK fought to keep it, cuz it really is stunning! :)

  4. Ahh it looks beautiful - I would love the rose version!x
    Samantha's Secret

  5. really want to try the amber diamond, it looks gorgeous, the colour in the swatch is incredible.
    that's look great with a bit of a tan!
    thank you for this!
    hope to speak soon,
    laura xx


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